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Welcome to 3BIT

3BIT was founded by leading experts in the field of information technology. We are fully confident to provide products, services, consulting, support to businesses and individuals in the field. Information and communication technology with the best quality.

With a team that has been involved in many major projects in the fields of telecommunications, finance – banking – securities, corporate management …, 3BIT is able to bring customers total IT solutions based on On the combination of Human Factors – Process – Application – Data, not just Technology Solutions for IT Infrastructure.      As a partner of many technology companies, we are independent experts who have deep knowledge about many products and solutions, we put our customers’ needs in the most important position in order to ensure solutions. fit.

Currently, 3BIT focuses on the following products, services and solutions:

  • Products, technology equipment
  • Security products.
  • System integration
  • Software field.
  • Providing top-quality IT solutions and services.

With these activities, 3BIT has gradually affirmed its position. We are committed to working with our customers to build a social future through their experience and the power of information and communication technology.