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Advanced class

Building smart classroom solutions.

1.1 Interactive classroom solution (Collaboration Class)

  1. About Fujitsu Interactive Classroom Solutions:

Today, applications of high-tech solutions are increasingly playing an important role in the educational environment thanks to the ability to support access to teaching tools, digital content applications as well as support for Admin features in the educational environment. Combined with the development of the Internet, they provide real-time interaction and interaction between students and teachers as well as facilitating the development of forms such as online courses, self-study, study on multimedia tools. A prominent solution as well as a new trend in the field of education is the interactive classroom model. Specific benefits brought about when using the Interactive Classroom solution:

  • A solution to connect students and teachers effectively.
  • Compact learning tool, easy to use with many learners (thanks to mobility and touch screen).
  • Teaching aids and digital content or e-books help the lesson become more effective.

Fujitsu’s Interactive Classroom solution combines new technological devices with networking and software to help create a smart interactive classroom environment for the future. Devices and solutions that work together to connect faculty and students through new teaching methods allow students to become the center of the classroom. Instead of passively recording what teachers read, students now have the opportunity to exchange, interact more with teachers as well as develop presentation skills, teamwork as well as a variety of activities. Other activities thereby improve the ability to absorb and memorize lectures. All learning materials and textbooks can be prepared by teachers in advance for each lesson. After each lesson, the teacher can quickly check the students through a bank of questions prepared by the teacher. The solution also allows the management of personal devices in the classroom to ensure the device is used for the purpose of learning and teaching.


The trend shifted towards students becoming the center of the class The percentage of tablets and handheld devices has increased rapidly in the coming years

1.1      Technical specifications

Integrate Fujitsu interactive whiteboard software with features:

  • The software is pre-installed on the screen and can be selected from the source list.
  • Floating menu can move to different locations on the screen
  • Quick action
  • Add and remove table page management
  • Draw on any signal source
  • Write when displaying pictures in the picture
  • Support to search for open content types such as images, audio, text from internal or external memory
  • Manage files (create, save, export) content history
  • Email results
  • Take pictures of the content on the screen
  • Customize the wallpaper to suit the lesson
  • There are specialized pointer devices for monitors
  • Share content

Fujitsu software to manage interaction between students and faculty in class

  • Support Windows 7, 8
  • Drawing: options of different colors and types of strokes, choosing the boldness of strokes, partial or full eraser tools
  • Support input from virtual keyboard
  • Open file types: Powerpoint, Word, Excel, PDF, image sound …
  • Open many different files at the same time
  • Draw types of shapes such as circles, triangles, trapezoidal, straight lines …
  • Provide teaching tools such as compass, ruler, protractor …
  • Provide special effects: timer, countdown …
  • Display pictures from webcam
  • Tool to write drawing on any 3rd application
  • Add shortcuts of any application to quickly open from the table interface
  • Capture the whole, part of the content on the board
  • Return to the entire operation on the board
  • Support email with attachments
  • Allow printing table pages with different options
  • Features direct notes or post notes on interactive boards from mobile devices below
  • Quick operation for screen capture, switching between writing and cursor mode, undo, redo.
  • Handwriting recognition, math formula
  • Save your written pages, export to Powerpoint or PDF files
  • Customize table backgrounds with different templates for each subject
  • Support multiple users at the same time

Class management features include:

  • Create class
  • Connect students’ mobile devices to class via wifi or wired
  • Grouping students
  • Sharing files between students and teachers
  • Share and sync videos between students and teachers
  • Control open websites on all machines
  • Ask teachers questions from mobile devices

Control workstation

Workstation installs classroom management software.Intel® Core ™ i7, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD, High performance, efficient heat dissipation, stable operation.

Fujitsu Galaxy Tab E tablet

Used by students in the classroom to access lecture-related content as well as exchange information, slide out, do group exercises on interactive boards.




2              Logitech headphones type 150E Stereo




3            Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard


Typical system connection diagram:


  1. Interactive whiteboard: using Fujitsu’s touch screen in conjunction with IWB I2 software to replace traditional board and PC allows teachers to conduct lectures, open documents and materials.
  2. Classroom management PC: install class management software that allows teachers to manage student computers in class.
  3. Printer (Optional): Shared network printer sharing in class.
  4. 65 “screen (optional): 65” screen connected to HDMI splitter, displays interactive whiteboard interface for distant students.
  5. Wifi network in the classroom.
  6. Tablet for students.
  7. Wireless sound system, mic (2.3 feet).
  8. 02 cameras aim to record teachers and students and review their teaching process.
  9. Wireless audio and mic system for learning and teaching process.

 1.1.2. Collaboration Class Solution

  1. Introduce the solution

The solution is designed and integrated based on video conferencing and online interaction platform. Applications for the education industry include:

  • Online meetings and briefings (Zoom).
  • Teacher training, Route guidance, Dissemination of knowledge from afar.
  • Connecting classes, now evaluating remote lessons.
  • Organizing Event, Competition, Game Show online between schools

The connected classroom application, combined with interactive classroom solutions, provides connectivity, unlimited spatial interaction, advanced platform with capabilities:

  • Connect, plan hours remotely.
  • Connecting with other classes and schools on a global scale (Learning a foreign language)
  • Organize competitions, Event, Game show remotely
  1. Connection class model

Set of devices for online connection and meeting.