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Application support & information technology infrastructure

IT infrastructure is the essential foundation for the operation of the entire IT system of an organization. On every aspect from the system configuration, accuracy, stability, consistency, security to monitoring, monitoring activity, each component plays an important role. In order to ensure a transparent IT infrastructure, it is imperative for the system administrator to be aware of the performance of each component and also to spend a lot of time. Many enterprises have chosen the solution to hire and operate the IT infrastructure instead of organizing their own operating teams.

With years of experience in the technical field, we have the strengths in all three areas including software, integrated solutions and databases, knowledgeable solutions, products of major technology companies in the world, IT infrastructure services of 3BIT will help you get rid of the burden of operating and troubleshooting and monitoring the operation of information technology infrastructure in your organization.

Our service packages include:

  • Application Management: 3BIT ensures that the system is operated by a team of experts from the database, application, network and infrastructure, who work together in a collaborative and collaborative environment. more value to customers.
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery: This service ensures that customer data is safe and available for disaster recovery.
  • Networking support: Networking is very important for the operation of an IT system. But the monitoring, management, and warning of components take time and effort, so many organizations are aware of outsourcing more profitable operations and operating the network themselves.
  • Server, Storage, and Virtualization Infrastructure: We operate systems and optimizes servers, storage, and virtualization to ensure a smooth running of the IT system.

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