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Closet system all Flash

The fastest servers and network connections in the world do not have much help if the storage systems can not read or write data at fast speed. Database hungry operations, time-consuming data analysis, frequent online applications access and server environment or virtualization computer can lead to very fast storage congestion.

Solid-State Drives (SSDs) can speed up with a factor of 100 or more, and they perform much better than hard drives. Performance and feedback issues can be resolved immediately if all data in performance-intensive applications resides on a storage system equipped with an SSD. Although SSDs are more expensive in terms of purchase price, additional costs are offset when they are deployed in high-performance environments.

Temporary solutions based on hard disks can also be costly – and their performance is far lower than SSD solutions. Approaches such as investing in dedicated storage systems for each application, distributing data on as many hard disks as possible, or regular system adjustments are only the best ways to keep distance.

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